A little moment of self reflection

Driving to work today, I had a moment of reflection.

We received about 1/2″ of ice Monday night and it’s still hanging around, reeking havoc on our power lines and roadways. Trees snapped and fell last night, leaving many without power and a majority of roads impassable. My own power went out somewhere around midnight Monday night and didn’t come back on until yesterday morning around nine o’-clock. It turned out to be a nice day after all – work never regained power until about 4:30 so I got to stay home all day and binge a little Netflix.

On a side note, Ant Boy is a cool superhero movie.

Driving along, I couldn’t help but notice that on certain curves in the road, the sun would shine on the trees in such a way that made them sparkle, like a brightly lit chandelier. I found myself feeling drawn toward the shimmering effect in the ice as the light changed while I drove by.

Later today, we got some substantial flurries, being I work pretty much on the shore of a large lake. Walking outside, I couldn’t help but stand there. I just stared at the icy trees, glimmering in the afternoon sunlight, while the snowflakes fell around me.

A tear came to my eye and I couldn’t help but think about how beautiful it was and how many more times I’m going to be able to witness something like that.

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